“Now all customers can have the same factory service that top professional race teams and OEM customers have received for the last 10 years. Using their new state of the art filter oiling machine, each Twin Air filter is completely submerged in Bio Oil and massaged to perfection to ensure that all pores are evenly coated. The filter is then placed in a temperature controlled room to allow the oil to fully cure on the filter. The complete process provides maximum protection and maximum air flow. You just open the resealable bag and install, no mess, no fuss.”



CR125 02-07, CR250 02-07, CR80 86-02, CR85 03-07, CRF250 04-09, CRF250 10-13, CRF250 14-16, CRF250X 04-16, CRF450 03-08, CRF450 09-12, CRF450 13-16, CRF450X 04-16


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