For use on motorcycle and ATV air filters, or just about any foam air filter for that matter. If you hate to clean foam air filters with gas or harsh solvents, No-Toil filter treatment is exactly what you need. No-Toil is a revolutionary engineering breakthrough in air filter maintenance. Using only enviro-friendly plant materials, we’ve created a super-tacky, high air-flow, high performance air filter oil. It is so unique that we’ve been granted a U.S. patent and have European patents pending. But, the most notable aspect of the No-Toil system is how easy it is to clean a filter treated with No-Toil foam filter oil!

Biodegradeable manufacturing means this filter can be washed right in your sink or washing machine without any hazardous waste. Its super tacky design traps even the smallest dirt particles. Cleanup is also a snap! There’s no need for gasoline or solvents, so there’s no mess. In addition, the oil is waterproof and won’t come off with water alone. Dyno testing delivers up to 2 extra horsepower over other petroleum based oil.

High tech protection and increased horsepower are standards that we will not compromise just for the convenience of easy cleaning. No-Toil filter treatment brings you the best of both worlds. To clean a filter treated with No-Toil Air Filter Oil, you will not, you cannot, use gas or harsh solvents! Simply dissolve high-concentrated No-Toil Filter Cleaner in water, immerse dirty filter, agitate for 30 seconds or more, rinse and you’re done. Empty dirty water down the drain or dump it on the ground at the races. You will not harm the environment or septic systems. When finished, you will notice that your filter looks “brand new” clean, your hands are clean, the bucket or sink is clean, and your hands don’t smell like gas! Even though you’re cleaning the filter in water, the filter oil will not come off with water alone. No-Toil is 100% waterproof. Ride with peace of mind through rivers, puddles and creeks.

  • Protection: super tacky, annoyingly sticky & amazingly good at stopping dirt!
  • Performance: increased air flow due to Micro-Flo technology:
    Air Flow = Pressure
    We increase air flow, and thus horsepower, by decreasing
    the resistance of the air traveling through the foam air filter.
  • EZ Cleaning: cleans in seconds with water and No-Toil Cleaner
  • Biodegradable & Non-Toxic: will not harm the environment
  • Waterproof: will not remove from filter with water alone


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