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The 650b platform is notoriously nimble and playful so your wheels need to be too. At least this is the concept behind the Roval Traverse Fattie 650b mountain bike wheels. Moreover with a bombproof alloy construction and ultra-wide 30mm width these wheels provide the traction speed and stability to enhance this characteristic. You see the extra width allows for more tyre volume which means more suppleness in the ride quality. And not only this but the ample width also better supports the tyre meaning that you’ll experience less “burping” when riding tubeless. These aren’t just a one-trick pony however. At the front hub you’ll get a thru-axle design with 15/20mm compatibility (end cap options included) and at the rear the hub features DT Swiss internals for responsive engagement. And to top everything off these wheels are hand-built to ensure a painstaking attention to detail.

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